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On 22 March, we celebrate World Water Day to raise awareness for the importance of clean waters and the threats to freshwater resources. To mark World Water Day, we have gathered together TSPC Group projects in which water has played a key role.

World Water Day was initiated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992, following the International Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro. The UN General Assembly’s aim is not only to raise awareness, but also to ensure access to healthy drinking water for all by 2030.

The TSPC Group has been involved in a number of projects with focus on water.

Millenáris Széllkapu Park

The modern recreation park, inaugurated in 2019, forms a green island in one of the most polluted parts of Budapest, where fresh air blows through. The densely vegetated part evokes the forest, while the wildflower area evokes the Hungarian fields, connected by a 650-square-metre lake that evokes the world of living water.

Nádasdy Castle

The reconstruction of the castle was carried out in several phases and was finally completed in 2021. In addition to the conservation of the building, the formerly magnificent English park with its special vegetation was renovated, and the artificial lake with its varied walking paths was also renewed. A romantic island has also been created in the pond.

Zalaegerszeg Swimming Pool

The most significant swimming pool development in Zala county was completed with 1852 square metres of swimming surface. The municipal swimming pool includes a 50-metre pool, teaching pools, an outdoor pool and a water playground. The pools are heated by hot water from wells drilled to a depth of more than 1000 m, which is a huge achievement, as the majority of the energy demand of the pool technology is used to heat the pool water. The pool has a number of solutions to ensure the comfort of visitors and the protection of the environment.

Tiszavirág Swimming Pool of Szeged

The pool opened in 2020, and features a 50-metre, ten-lane competition pool with a movable wall built based on World Aquatics standards, a warm-up pool, a warm-up pool and a relaxing seating pool. The water comes from a stratified water well, which is purified and brought to the pool. The water treatment technology uses a solution that does not require the water to be shocked or boiled – which is both energy and economical. The chlorine content of the pool water is so minimal that it can be used for irrigation, so a storage tank for irrigation purposes was built in addition to the storm water reservoir.

Environmental protection and sustainable design are a priority in the work of our Group. Our innovative technologies are used in ongoing projects, so that Climate, Environment and Energy Design (CEED) is part of the green solutions.