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The New Theoretical Block of the Faculty of General Medicine of the University of Pécs and its surroundings, designed by the TSPC team, received the Construction Award in the category of Public Building, and the Nádasdy Castle in the category of Restoration and Reconstruction of monument buildings.

The new block of the University of Pécs was inaugurated in September 2021. The new block was designed to provide space for teaching, research, and community activities, which has increased the teaching and research area of the Faculty of General Medicine by 40% in a part of the building equipped with modern diagnostic tools and instruments. The Modern Cities Programme investment and the designs of the general contractor TSPC have resulted in a modern, internationally recognized, green and student-friendly campus. The building has been awarded a Construction Award by the Master of Architecture Award Foundation and other professional organizations.

The Nádasdy Castle in Nádasladány, which underwent a monumental reconstruction was also inaugurated in 2021. The architectural design of the monument reconstruction work was carried out by general designer TSPC Kft. and its partner, architect Lajos Ónodi Szabó and Bicske Építő Kft. Thanks to the reconstruction work, the monument will be preserved in a dignified condition for posterity and a modern tourist function will be realized. The restoration of the castle was awarded the Construction Award in the category of Restoration and Reconstruction of Monument Buildings.

Established in 1999, the Prize is awarded every year in recognition of outstanding architectural and technical excellence in the field of architecture (buildings, works of art, ensembles of buildings). The Construction Excellence Awards recognize the construction and the complex process of its realization. The judging criteria include an overall architectural and technical evaluation of the building, an assessment of the technical and technical quality of its realization, questions of economy, and the cooperation of the investor, designer, and contractor involved.