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The 2020 earthquake in Petrinja damaged many public buildings, including a school. The reconstruction of the town is being supported by the Hungarian State with a primary school with 20 classrooms and a large and small gymnasium. The construction of the primary school designed by TSPC has reached a new milestone: the topping-out ceremony was held.

Within the framework of the HUNGARY HELPS PROGRAMME, the Hungarian State has entrusted the Hungarian Interchurch Aid with the construction of Primary School No. I in Petrinja, Croatia. The new building will be constructed on a newly designated site in the centre of the town, close to the old, damaged building. TSPC is responsible for the complete architectural, mechanical, and electrical design of the building, while Mega-Logistic Zrt. takes care of the implementation.

Out of the school’s 20 classrooms, 9 will be classrooms and 11 will be specialized classrooms, with separate rooms for language and art, science and maths, social studies, work and technology, physical and health, and for the treatment and rehabilitation of students with emotional and behavioral disorders.

The reconstruction of the school will give the city of Petrinja back its centuries-old institution, and the TSPC team will be able to add another primary school to its professional portfolio. In the field of educational institutions, TSPC has an outstanding experience, such as the design of the new wing of the University of Pécs and the complex design of the University of Physical Education.

Staff list

Client: Hungary Helps / Hungarian Interchurch Aid

Implementation: Mega-Logistic Zrt.

General design: TSPC d.o.o

Architect: Structor d.o.o. Luka Najev

Structural design: Luka Najev,

Building engineering designer: Krešimir Rupić,

Electrical designer: Ante Petrović,

Project manager: TSPC d.o.o Koci Anna, Gombás Andrej

Visual designer: TSPC Kft. Tornyi Dávid