Greenroof with
750-panel solar park

50 méteres,
10 pályás versenymedence


sports facility

Tiszavirág Swimming Pool of Szeged

The Tiszavirág Swimming Pool of Szeged, complying with the FINA requirements, is a high-quality facility for health preservation, swimming and water sports, recreation, as well as a modern environment for talent management. The Project brings an indoor Olympic-size swimming pool seating 1,200 persons to the city of Szeged.


sports facility

Tiszavirág Swimming Pool of Szeged

The investment includes the construction of an indoor swimming pool, featuring a 50-meter, 10-course FINA-compliant pool; a 25-meter, 6-track warm-up pool; a 20-meter training pool and an outdoor-indoor relaxation pool.

Due to the function and mass formation of the Szeged Swimming Pool, the design required special attention from the consultants. In particular the oblique walls and the mechanical and electrical systems – which are commonly used in swimming pools – were under control. The BIM 3D model was of great tool for presenting the building to the customer and for refining the needs. 

The sports complex offers several solutions for a sustainable environment: 320 new trees have been planted in the area, a 750-panel solar park has been installed on the rooftorp part of the building, and purified pool water that becomes redundant along with rainwater is used to irrigate surrounding green surfaces and green roofs. 188 bicycle storage facilities, 14 bus parking lots, 317 car parking lots and disabled parking lots have been set up in the area to facilitate easy and fast transport.

The city of Szeged is enriched with the development of a modern, unique building, which, in addition to amateur and competitive sports, also provides space for recreation.

Activity: general architectural design, BIM, sports technology

Credits: Kádár Mihály, Huszár Attila, Ábrahám Krisztina, Bán Márton, Bélafi Károly, Csapó Máté, Fehér Orsolya, Nagy Gábor, Novák Eliza, Romhányi Lilla Ivett, Szalai Dóra, Kovács Dóra Judit, Vörös Eszter, Fejér Szabolcs, Bagoly Dániel, Csiszár Sándor, Kiss Balázs, Lakatos Janka, Leipold Kolos, Molnár Endre, Nagy Dávid, Szórád Miklós

Client: Municipality of Szeged

Photos: Juhász Norbert, Hlinka Zsolt