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Based on the plans of TSPC, the University of Miskolc, which offers the widest range of training courses in Northeast Hungary, is building a new educational centre and hall for the students of the Institute of Logistics. After the approval of the licensing plan, the facility was granted a building permit. The new building complex will include a classroom with more than 80 seats, a simulation room, a logistics hall with a wide range of equipment and test devices, a community space, offices and laboratories. Parking spaces will also be increased by almost 50 spaces around the complex.

About the University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc contributes to the European higher education space with its high level research and development activities in a wide range of disciplines, both in the domestic and international academic life. Founded in 1735, it has expanded its training in mining, metallurgy and later mechanical engineering to include new disciplines since the 1980s, in line with the socio-economic needs of the North Hungarian region. In addition to the traditional Faculties of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, the university established a separate Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, a Faculty of Economics, a Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, a Faculty of Health Sciences and a Faculty of Music, making Miskolc the largest higher education institution in the region by the turn of the millennium. The university, which covers a wide range of disciplines, has become a major player in the higher education scene in Hungary in the 21st century.

The establishment of the Technical University of Heavy Industry in Miskolc was ordered by law in 1949, and construction of the institution began in 1950. The architectural style known as socialist realism was dominant in Hungary. In addition, modern stylistic features were also incorporated into the design of the buildings. During the war, architects who settled in Scandinavian countries were introduced to the clean, modern Scandinavian style, which was applied to the University of Miskolc. This was already visible on the layout of the main building and the dormitory. In addition to the socialist realism and modern style of the main building of the university, the more recent buildings of the establishment show stylistic features of several periods. The facilities of the University of Miskolc, built in the 1960s and 1970s, were designed in a different style, following the newer trends, today, however, many buildings have been reconstructed and renewed.

The new Logistics Hall of the University of Miskolc will be built according to the plans of the TSPC Group. When designing the facility, our architects took into account the modern style of today’s architecture and the style of the existing buildings, so that the new facility would fit in perfectly with its surroundings, not only in terms of function but also in terms of design.

The building complex of the Logistics Hall

The 1500 m2 complex, located behind the 1940s university buildings in the northern part, consists of 3 buildings: a research hall, a teaching/office block and a warehouse building where the electrical and mechanical rooms that supply the complex are located. The warehouse is connected underground to the Logistics hall.

A key element of the design concept was to blend in with the landscape and harmonize with the layout of the historic campus. These two principles have resulted in designing not only one building, but a complex of buildings. In addition to being functionally separate, the different masses fit into the terrain better.

We followed the geometry and orthogonal structure of the current main university building which stands in front of the logistics building complex. The educational-office block and the research hall block are aligned with the present main building, while the position of the warehouse is determined by the terrain,  just as the terrain conditions have given the educational building block a trapezoidal shape.

The mass of the educational-office building is further shaped by the functions it houses. The most striking and characteristic feature of these is the auditorium, which can seat more than 80 people. It is a defining element of the building complex standing out from the office block because of its sloping floor. The auditorium block, elevated above a water surface on one side, defines the space in front of the entrance, which provides a gathering and resting area for students arriving. The building also includes a laboratory, research offices and space for start-up businesses on the top floor.

The walkway of the building is located in the center of the office block. In addition to connecting the education/office block and the research hall, the entrance creates a wall separating the internal and external rest areas and provides a view of the hillside between the buildings.

In contrast to the dynamically shaped educational-office block, the research hall is a simple, modest building. Due to its function, few openings have been added to the façade, lighting is provided primarily by skylights on the roof.

The use of materials was a key consideration in the design of the complex. The Educational Building’s lecture block stands out for its form, with a high-gloss, large ceramic tile cladding. The light steel blue ceramic reflects not only the sunlight but also the ripples of the water surface that lies beneath.

The forest between the educational-office block and the research hall, and the reflecting water, all make the building a popular gathering place for students.

TSPC’s portfolio includes other educational buildings such as the Csörsz Street block of the University of Physical Education, which is already under construction, and the University of Pécs, which demonstrates the TSPC Group’s expertise in the field of educational facilities.


General design: TSPC Kft.
Responsible architect: Mihály Kádár – TSPC Kft.
Architects: György Pálffy, Péter Gönye, Zoltán Écsi, Gréta Horváth-Kitley – TSPC Kft.
Statics: Janik Mérnökiroda Kft.
Building Mechanical Engineering: Perfect Plan Kft.
Electrical Engineering: MET-NET Kft.
Building Structure: Épszerkinfo Kft.
Landscape architecture: Kertművek Kft.
Warehouse technology: Logpilot Kft.