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The Hőgyes Block and the Bakáts Block of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Semmelweis University will be renovated and new modern buildings will be constructed according to the TSPC Group’s plans, so the six institutes of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Semmelweis University will be located in one place. The TSPC Group is responsible for the general design, from planning to handover, of the new education and research center.

The primary aim of the project is to have the university’s faculty on a single campus, making it easier for students to commute between buildings. The Hőgyes Block currently consists of four institutes of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Semmelweis University: the Department of Pharmacy Administration, the Department of Pharmacy, the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and the Department of Organic Chemistry. The Department of Pharmacodynamics is located in the Theoretical Building in Nagyvárad tér while the Department of Pharmacognosy in the Central Building of the Internal Clinical Block. The future facility would provide space for all six departments.

A major challenge for the designers is to ensure that the project is feasible in a timely manner, as the site is limited and located in a dense part of the city. Another important aspect is to guarantee that the education and the production of pharmaceuticals of national economic interest can continue to operate throughout the construction without interruption. The project is planned to be completed in three phases. The currently vacant Bakáts block will be renovated in the first phase, so that academic year can start as soon as possible, followed by the new buildings, and finally the Hőgyes block, where the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is currently training students, will be renovated.

The main functions of the Faculty’s departments are: theoretical education, practical education and research. The University Pharmacy, Institute of Pharmacy Administration has a special function, it ensures the supply of medicines primarily to the clinics and institutions of Semmelweis University. The facilities for medicine production will also be renovated. The main function rooms will be complemented by service spaces and common areas such as the lobby, canteen, community recreation spaces, large lecture halls, seminar rooms, computer rooms, NMR laboratory, bioanalytical laboratory, physico-chemical-morphological laboratory, research laboratories, offices, financial offices, registrar’s office and room for the students’ union. In addition to these functions, the new facility will include rental laboratories for visiting professors. The specialized NMR laboratory in the Hőgyes block is planned to be relocated after the renovation.

The current buildings have a significant historic value, so the TSPC Group pays special attention to the historical preservation of these as well as to the integration of new needs into the current structure. The renovation of the neo-renaissance-eclectic buildings on Endre Hőgyes Street and the Art Nouveau and neo-baroque buildings on Bakáts Square, and the preservation of their value, are fundamental elements of the project.

The developments will open up new opportunities for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, create a vibrant neighborhood and give the TSPC Group the opportunity to design a campus that facilitates the life of another university.


Project manager: Péter Winkler, Anikó Zsók

Project leader: Zsolt Bánhegyi

Architects: Zoltán Écsi, Annamária Ozsváth-Klenik, Orsolya Fehér, Attila Fekete, Péter Varga