The Győr Water Park was inaugurated: TSPC was responsible for technical supervision

The Győr Water Park was inaugurated: TSPC was responsible for technical supervision

The construction of the Győr Water Park, which was renewed as part of the Modern City Programme, has been completed. The new Győr Water and Experience Park has been inaugurated and is open to the public from 17 June. TSPC was responsible for the technical supervision of the project.

The construction at the confluence of the Mosoni-Duna and Rába rivers included the complete renovation and refurbishment of the spa and the development of an experience park. The Rába Quelle building has been renovated and a new swimming pool building with new changing rooms, a 25-meter swimming pool and a 13.5-meter training pool has been built next to it. The building has a sliding glass wall which can be opened up to connect it to the beach area during the summer.

A new flood control structure was also constructed along with the water park, allowing the experience park to be built not only horizontally but also vertically. This has allowed us to create a three-level pool system that can be used by up to 500 people. The top level offers a spectacular view of the spa and the city.

The indoor and outdoor sauna world and the thermal bath have also been renovated, providing one of the largest sauna blocks in the country with a unique Japanese sauna garden and relaxation area. The sauna house can accommodate 150 people. The facility also includes a historic building designed by Alfréd Hajós, which has been given new functions: in addition to the service rooms, a confectionery is also available for visitors.

A unique attraction of the Győr Water and Experience Park is the 32-meter soda siphon-shaped slide tower, built in memory of Ányos Jedlik, the inventor of soda water. The soda siphon-shaped slide tower is the starting point for a one- or two-person inflatable boat and a multi-person slide, among others.

The experience park features a number of new outdoor themed pools: a multi-level panorama and lagoon pool, a kids’ world, pools with a modern cocktail bar and quiet zones for those who want to relax, as well as a spray park for children replacing the former Cziráky pool.

In addition to the experience park, a two-level parking deck was also renovated to provide parking for 300 cars.

The old Rába Quelle had 11 pools, while the new facility now has 21 pools for visitors of all ages. A number of catering facilities have also been added to the facility, with bars, cafés and themed restaurants offering entertainment for everyone.

The TSPC Group’s portfolio includes a number of swimming pools and aquatic facilities, where our team has been responsible for the general design, including the Zalaegerszeg Sports and Training Pool, which has been open for one year, and the Tiszavirág Swimming Pool in Szeged.

Staff list:

Project Manager Technical Supervisor: László Szuhay – TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft.

Technical supervision: Ernő Róth – TSPC Engineering Kft., Zita Szuhayné Turóczi – TSPC Kft.; Péter Geri – TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft.; István Kiss – GWS Technology Kft.; Zoltán Zay – ZABO General Kft.

Project Manager Assistant: Nikoletta Bodó – TSPC Kft.

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