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The development concept of the Semmelweis Hospital in Kiskunhalas the Teaching Hospital of the University of Szeged is complete, which is the cornerstone of further planning and implementation processes. The hospital’s development concept is based on medical tourism, one of the fastest-growing sectors in Europe. It aims to create a sustainable healthcare hospital that meets the criteria for cost-effective operation and provides a motivating environment for both patients and employees.

The base of the preliminary plan is to replace the current obsolete medical, energetics, infrastructural, and hotel buildings with an innovative 21st-century complex. The long-term goal of the city is to be able to utilize its existing economic, social, and environmental values. Parallel with the preservation of these values takes place the dynamic development of the city.

The purpose of hospital development:

  • – establishing a well-structured emergency care department
  • – complete separation of outpatient and inpatient pathways
  • – improving the quality of diagnostics
  • – in addition to rationalizing the current number of beds, and creating a blocked building structure that meets the needs of the given professions
  • – construction of the new North Wing on the site of the obsolete specialist clinic
  • – cost-effective reconstruction of the hotel building


Part of the plan is to create the Csipke Lifestyle – Medical, Recreation, and Spa Hotel, as well as the Csipke Spa and Medical Complex. A partly underground car park for 600 cars completes the buildings from where the hospital, the hotel, and the spa can be reached.

With the implementation of the project, an innovation breakthrough point could happen with which a determinative center for the medical profession and medical tourism can be established internationally in the coming decades.