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Head of Geodesy Survey Department

In 1998, he graduated as a surveyor, and in 1999, he completed his studies as a land surveying engineer at GEO in Székesfehérvár. Throughout his career, he has been involved in numerous interesting and exciting domestic and international projects. He worked in traditional production, dealing with cadastral and planning-related geodesy, and also gained experience in aerial cartography. He was involved in the distribution and support of geodetic instruments and worked on projects involving 3D scanning and GNSS observations in Bahrain, Vietnam, and Serbia. In his most recent position, he established and led the regional scanning division. In the summer of 2023, he joined the geodetics team of the TSPC Group with the experts in the field. Here, he has led the field geodesy and office processing of several planning projects using both traditional and special spatial data collection methods.

For Sándor, geodesy is not only a profession but also a vocation, passion, and hobby. In his free time, since 2011, he has been editing his own blog with light-hearted geodetic instrument presentations and technological articles. He has been publishing in the prestigious Geodesy & Cartography Magazine for years, allowing him to be among the first to encounter the latest technological developments and try out the most advanced geoinformation measurement systems. He enjoys developing new work processes and professional solutions, constantly striving to share his knowledge with the members of the Geodesy Office. He is proud of his colleagues who all take on tasks, seek professional challenges, and consistently solve them. His goal is to make his expertise and services widely known within the company group as quickly as possible. He wants our designers to know and see what a professional team and modern technology are at their disposal for precise and comprehensive geodetic data provision. Additionally, he aims to expand into external markets, considering that the Geodesy Office has unique and sought-after preferences in both field and office processing.