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Head of Grid System division

Imre graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Miskolc in 2002. After a few detours, he started working in the energy industry in 2004, where he gained experience in several fields. After working in the field of service quality, he worked as a project manager on the investor side, first on low and medium voltage networks and then on high voltage network projects in the framework of priority projects. He was involved in the setting up of a department within ELMŰ to define the conditions for connection to the network. In connection with the projects, he also acquired the qualifications of technical inspector and responsible technical manager in accordance with ELMŰ’s requirements. After ELMŰ, he worked for Tungsram as a programme manager for one and a half years. He was responsible for the development and implementation of the lighting modernisation programme between MÁV and Tungsram. He managed several substation reconstruction projects, completed the NAF/KÖF substation in Újhartyán on schedule in a greenfield project and managed high voltage network interventions. Most recently, he was technical manager for the installation of 28 0.5 MVA solar farms. At the Oroszlány site, 15 parks were built and connected to the internal grid of the Vértes Power Plant. His professional experience is confirmed by his involvement as an external expert in the construction of a 50 MVA PV power plant. For larger scale projects, he has used his current expertise to provide the necessary electrical network planning and preparation for implementation.

He joined the TSPC Group in October 2023. He is in charge of the Network Design Group at MET-NET Consortium Ltd, where he aims to define the framework for the new service and activity in order to professionally serve the emerging Customer needs with his team. He is motivated by seeing the facilities from idea, through design, to implementation, come to life during the first turn on.