Reopening of the renewed Dr. Koltai Jenő Sports Centre – the new base of the University of Physical Education

Reopening of the renewed Dr. Koltai Jenő Sports Centre – the new base of the University of Physical Education

The new block of the Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in Csörsz Street is completed. The building has been inaugurated and academic year will start in the next few days.

In spring 2017, the planning of the largest campus development in Buda, the Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, began. Then, in August 2020, the construction of the Csörsz Street block, including a sports hall and several sports fields, started.

The site includes an internationally certified athletics track with a 400-meter, eight-lane running track, as well as an artificial grass football pitch and two outdoor tennis courts. The campus has a multi-purpose hall with 1,300 seats that can be used for handball, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics training and competitions. The hall’s lobby is ideal for university events, and a 200-space garage and a 700-square-meter gym can also be found at the site.

A unique design element of the project was the special fence on the BAH hub, called the colonnade. The colonnade is a raster, curved fence reflecting the traffic of the BAH hub. The design element also functions a retaining wall, 6 meters high in some places, whose connection to the ground is constantly changing. TSPC’s designers applied BIM technology in the project, taking advantage of the expertise gained from designing other sports facilities, such as the EYOF sports fields and the Szeged swimming pool.

In the development of the Dr. Koltai Jenő Sports Centre, it was a priority to ensure that the campus facilities are suitable for the education of students with disabilities, thus supporting the preparation for the Paralympics. The sports hall and tennis courts have been equipped with special motion-analysis teaching technology. With the development of the block, the University’s staff and students will be able to carry out their work in a university-standard built environment, in modern conditions.

The TSPC Group’s completed university buildings include the new building of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pécs, and in terms of sports facilities, the Tiszavirág Sports Centre in Szeged and the Zalaegerszeg Municipal Gymnasium and Sports Centre have also been successfully handed over and are already in use.

The Ambulance Station in BAH hub, Buda has been renovated and significantly expanded. With an increase of about 40% in floor space, the strategically important ambulance station can now operate on 1800 square meters. Modern heat pump engineering and structural design were used in the development. The garage and service areas of the ambulance station are located under the running track, while the other areas have a new street frontage.


Client: Magyar Testnevelési és Sporttudományi Egyetem

General Designer: TSPC Kft.

Lead Architects: Mihály Kádár, Szilvia Könözsi TSPC Kft.

Project manager architect on site: Zsolt Bánhegyi TSPC Kft.

On site architect: Orsolya Fehér TSPC Kft.

Architects: Csaba Faltusz, Orsolya Fehér, Péter Gönye, Enikő Hitró, Tamás Holics, Klaudia Tarró-Papp, Dóra Szalai TSPC Kft.

BIM manager: Zoltán Szente TSPC Kft.

Interior design: Péter Bach, Dénes Halmai, Rita Terbe, Lilla Boróka Koch, Zsuzsanna B. Tóth Formiconcept

Structural designer: Szabolcs Fejér TSPC Kft.

Building Structure: Károly Nagy Épszerkinfo Kft.

Landscape architect: Helga Hencz, Gabriella Nusser Kertművek Kft.

Building mechanical engineering: Tamás Vörös Perfect-Plan Kft.

Building electrical engineering: György Kapitor Zone-Plan Kft./ TSPC Kft.

External public utilities: Bálint Kenyeres, Ferenc Mihály FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt., Ákos Szova, Zoltán Megyesi, Zsuzsanna Vrana TSPC Kft.

Contractor: ZÁÉV Zrt.

Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

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