Zalaegerszeg Sports Pool


Function: sports facility, swimming pool
Year: 2015–2019
Gross floor area: 8 900 m²
Location: Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

The largest swimming pool project in Zala County, the Municipal Swimming Pool of Zalaegerszeg is suitable for hosting international swimming events besides sports, talent management and recreation. In addition to the outdoor pool, the hot water training pool, the plunge pool and the ten-lane Olympic-size pool, the beach building will also be renovated.

A total of 1,852 square meters of swimming area, 8,700 square meters of 3-storey buildings, a 260-person grandstand, a 25-meter, six-lane outdoor pool, a 50-meter, 10-lane indoor pool await the visitors.

The designers considered that the artistic details in the new city swimming pool: in addition to the equipped swimming pools, the beach and surrounding landscaping solutions, smart benches, and playgrounds, play important role to the city audience.

SERVICES: conceptual design, basic design, design plan, video, building permit drawings, detailed construction drawings, budgeting, BIM, geodesy