University Of Debrecen Clinical Centre


Function: clinical centre
Year: 2021-
Gross area: 160 000 m²
Location: Debrecen, Hungary

In line with international trends, the University of Debrecen is planning to build a centre hospital that will incorporate the latest trends in hospital architecture, in addition to the most modern medical technology solutions: it will provide a humane environment for healing with 500 new active beds and related patient care wards, and will be able to flexibly adapt to future challenges and technologies.

The new complex, which is being built on schedule and will fit into the existing care structure, will ensure the smooth delivery of care to around 2 million people in the future, while operating efficiently, energy-consciously and economically.

(The construction of the new block will allow for an optimal reorganisation of existing functions, the merging of parallel professions and the development of a more even workload of human resources to ensure a higher quality of healthcare.
The outpatient centre, which will be part of the block, will allow easier access and better quality care for a wider population.)

With its new classrooms, laboratories and state-of-the-art technologies, the new building complex under development will provide important and real opportunities for university teaching and research development in the future.

SERVICES: feasibility study