Szabad György Office Building


Function: listed building, office
Year: 2019–2020
Gross floor area: 11 000 m²
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Szabad György Office Building provides a quality working environment for three hundred employees of the Office of the Parliament on nearly 11 000 m². The building integrates the surface hall of the Kossuth tér metro station. The proximity of the metro and the monumental environment posed substantial engineering challenges. The building offers several special solutions, including a tunnel connecting it to the Parliament.

The tunnel was constructed of prefabricated elements with open trench technology, its insulation was also a special task. Crossing under the tramway, the vibrations acting on the tunnel had to be damped by special elements. The monumental environment, in consideration of the connection to the Nemzeti Main Square, required special attention during the construction.

SERVICES: technical supervision