National Dance Theatre


Function: cultural institution
Year: 2016-2019
Gross floor area: 6950 m²
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Area of the former Ganz factory in the centre of Buda was transformed to Millenáris Park cultural quarter in the early 2000s. New home of the National Dance Theatre was created in one of the historical industrial monument buildings. The intention of the customers and designers with the new lobby was to ‘bring the park into the building’ or rather ‘bring the building into the park’.

To convert the building’s function from factory into a theatre is very exciting: there is robustness, thrill and dynamism in the building, and the same momentum is supposed to appear in the dance performances.

Community design was implemented within the framework of design&build concept. It was a top priority that the feet of dancers could be seen perfectly from every single seat. When designing the amphitheatre, the experts and engineers paid close attention to find the best and most comfortable layout available.

The protection of the dancers’ feet has also been a top priority: the most danceable foot-friendly Scots Pine sports flooring was installed into the great hall, protecting the dancers’ joints, allowing them the longest possible artistic career.

SERVICES: project management, investment management