National Archives Store – National Széchényi Library


Function: repository for archives
Year: 2018-2019
Gross floor area: 11 000 m²
Location: Piliscsaba, Hungary

The archives store of the National Széchényi Library was built at Piliscsaba in the area of the Iosephinum. This is the repository of written Hungarian national heritage. The objective of the construction project at Piliscsaba was to ensure the proper storage of documents that are subject to permanent preservation liability. With its simple forms, the building serves the storing function in every detail and meets the requirements of strictly guarded security facilities.

The mass of the building forms a book, and the spine of this book will control the mechanical and technical functions that serve the building. The dominant item on the façade is a closure of leaf form, which refers to the forest-leaf-wood processing-paper-book process, shows the affinity with the forest that guards the solitary building, and its lace-work represents the passing of time and the ageing of materials and paper.

SERVICES: general design, BIM, interior design