Nádasdy Castle


Function: historical building, museum
Year: 2015–2016
Gross floor area: 2 882 m²
Location: Nádasdladány, Hungary

The aim of the reconstruction, which was carried out in several phases, is to preserve the monument for posterity and to provide modern tourist functions. The former representation rooms on the ground floor of the castle are now open to the public and can be used for elegant events. The Hall of the Ancients, the most unique space in the building, and much of the furnishings in the rooms attached to it have been restored to their original state.

The upstairs rooms of the castle were once the family bedrooms, with elegant bathrooms and other services. These simple interiors were used to serve the public with temporary exhibitions, a museum education room and a bedroom and bathroom.

The ruins of the once magnificent English park with its special plants also had an imposing atmosphere: the pond construction works, the restoration of the historic walkways and the planting of new plants have brought back to life the romantic castle garden with its special elegance.

SERVICES: general architectural design, conceptual design, building permit drawings, detailed construction drawings, designer supervision

Clock tower, Facade detail, Atrium with gallery