Memorial Museum of Mihály Vörösmarty


Function: listed building, museum
Year: 2015-2018
Gross floor area: 287 m²
Location: Kápolnásnyék, Hungary

With the renovation of the Memorial Museum of Mihály Vörösmarty in Kápolnásnyék, the poet’s former home received a beautiful and elaborate appearance. The purpose of the renovation was to enable the institution to continue operating in a building worthy of the author of the ‘Szózat’ (Summons), also suitable for touristic purposes. The building represents intellectual values: the renovation tasks included condition assessment and design, focusing on freeing up the building from decades of various repair solutions and to create a uniform, state-of-the-art, aesthetic space.

Mihály Vörösmarty spent the first and last years of his life in this house: the original, simple ground floor house with a wood shingled roof played an important role in the poet’s life. It was a special request from the client that the Memorial Museum be a comfortable space for school and adult visitor groups, reminiscent of the atmosphere of Vörösmarty’s former home.

SERVICES: general architectural design, basic design, building permit drawings, detailed construction drawings, designer supervision