Hőgyes-Schöpf-Mérei Pharmaceutical Research Centre


Function: pharmaceutical research centre
Year: 2019–2021
Gross area: 29 614 m²
Location: Budapest, Hungary

The objective of the development was to establish a training and research property group that offers up-to-date conditions for the service of training and research functions and the production of pharmaceuticals. The new university campus houses the training, research and pharmaceutical production functions of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Semmelweis University with a progressive building complex that meets the challenges of our age, but preserves the tarnish and the values of many years of the Faculty.

In the buildings of the Erzsébet Hospital and the Schöpf-Merei Hospital, rooms provided for the theoretical education and to the management of the Faculty. Teachers’ and managers’ offices, the study department and the public pharmacy are all set up here.

In the area behind them a modern educational building will be home to larger seminar rooms, auditoriums, digital knowledge storage, and some training laboratories that require less technology. The Hőgyes block, that is under historic protection, houses the largest new building of this project; in the basement, there is a one-storey underground car park, and upstairs there are several research and training laboratories, as well as facilities for pharmaceutical production.

SERVICES: general design, building survey, geodesy, fire safety design, road design, utility design, project management, budgeting