Észak-Közép-Buda Centre, New St. John’s Hospital and Specialist Clinics


Function: hospital
Year: 2019-
Gross area: 150 000 m²
Location: Budapest, Hungary

The entire 150,000 m² area of St John’s Hospital is being renovated in a complex, multi-year process. The hospital, which currently consists of nearly 50 buildings, is a priority government project. The development proposed will provide a programme and architectural design that will create an uncompromising medical technology and patient safety situation for the next 50 years, bringing the working conditions of staff into the 21st century.

The key element of the concept is the creation of a modern block hospital where active patient care can be delivered as efficiently as possible, both in terms of medical and logistical issues. An important consideration is that the Kútvölgyi Tower Building and Specialist Clinic should also be linked to the new block hospital.

Main guidelines, capacities:

  • the creation of a new emergency centre, integrating the main diagnostic and care units involved, with modern and efficient patient pathways
  • concentration of surgical capacity
  • efficient concentration of high-end equipment and diagnostic tools
  • the creation of sub-intensive custodians
  • improving patient safety and comfort
  • improving working conditions for staff
  • integration of the Buda Children’s Hospital into the ÉKC

SERVICES: architectural general design