Esterházy Castle Buildings


Function: events centre
Year: 2009–2015
Gross floor area: 5 800 m²
Location: Fertőd, Hungary

The first stop in the complete renewal of the Esterházy Castle complex in Fertőd was the repainting of the facades, based on the discovered 18th century patterns. The renovation of the interior halls also began and the puppet theatre building received a new roof structure.

ln the second phase, a new reception building was built: Narancsház (Orange House) and the Marionett színház (Marionette Theatre) were restored, and the Baroque water tower was rebuilt. The former building of the steward became suitable for receiving visitors.

The revitalisation of the park, was the third phase, during which the rose garden, the English garden and the Marchand-tag, and the structure of the space were restored. The castle, now an events centre, has been completed with the Tiszttarto House, a redesigned connecting wing and a tidy courtyard.

The Bábszínház (Puppet Theatre), the Narancsház (Orange House) and the Víztorony (Water Tower) won the Media Architecture Award in 2013, the Tiszttartói lak (Bailiff’s House) and the completed building complex won the Construction lndustry Award in 2016.

SERVICES: general architectural design, interior design (M Építész Iroda Kft.)