Dorothea Hotel


Function: hotel
Year: 2016-2022
Gross floor area: 36 000 m²
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Hotel Dorothea is being built by refurbishing and reconstructing a monument of three buildings built in different eras, in the centre of Budapest. TSPC’s architects and engineers worked with an international architectural firm on the design plans of the special, luxurious hotel.

The renovated building complex will be enriched with quality details, luxurious suites, apartments, a 900 m² steel glazed courtyard and roof terrace and a sky restaurant.

Additional challenge was to find a common ground for the existing structural and geometrical features and the strict corporate standards of the hotel chain.
During the restoration of the facades of the buildings bearing the architectural style of the 1800s and 1900s, the aim was to preserve their original design while their roof level will be refurbished with a look that reflects the refined architectural design and technical standards of today.

The design and construction are carried out in cooperation between Italian and Hungarian companies.

SERVICES: general architectural design, building permit drawings, detailed construction drawings