BIS Industrial Hall Paks II


Function: office, warehouse
Year: 2018-2019
Gross floor area: 3420 m²
Location: Paks, Hungary

The company responsible for the assembly and operation of the process equipment of Paks Nuclear Power Plant will relocate to Paks Industrial Park from the premises of the nuclear power plant. The project extends beyond the establishment of the premises to designing two manufacturing units, an office block and a warehouse, from the conceptual plan to building permit and implementation plans.

The entrance has been placed at the front of the workshops, offices are on the first floor and the social rooms are located on the ground floor. In identical building masses as the previous ones, the workshops are lined up, all of them opening towards the centre of the plot.

A compact manipulation area of compound traffic has been designed to handle logistic tasks. The longitudinal block of the warehouse is organically linked to this space with the mandatory green area and treeline behind it.

SERVICES: conceptual design, design plan, detailed construction drawings, BIM, project management