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The restoration of the interior of the castle was also part of the planning and construction: portraits of the ancestors of Count Ferenc Nádasdy were placed in the Hall of the Ancients, thousands of copies of the former library were replaced by copies of the National Széchényi Library and Festetics Castle in Keszthely.

The aim of the reconstruction, which was implemented in several stages, was to preserve the monument in a worthy way for posterity and to implement modern tourist functions. The largest hall of the building is the salon, which is suitable for holding events in addition to the presentation. The furnishing of the former library room is of paramount importance: the restoration of the furnishings and ornate ceiling covering of the hall may have been completed at this stage, so that a fragment of the material of the former library can be placed here. An important element of the castle is the reconstruction of a winter garden suitable for events. The once completely demolished part of the building was rebuilt based on photos.