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The office building is managed by the Hungarian National Asset Management Zrt. at 64 Andrássy Street, Budapest VI. district has been completed. The renovated building has been handed over. TSPC Group carried out the technical inspection of the renovation of the office building on behalf of the Hungarian National Asset Management Zrt.

The historic 19th century building was built in 1882 according to the plans of Nándor Hübner. It is currently not a listed building, but it is under local, individual protection according to the list of protected monuments and, is located in a World Heritage Site, in a historic environment. The building has an internal courtyard design, basement level, ground floor and three storeys with an unbuilt attic, with supporting and building structures appropriate to the period. The original condition of the building was usable, except for the 3rd floor, which was also used by the previous owner, OREX Watch and Jewellery Ltd.

The renovation was carried out in two phases starting in November 2021. In the first phase, the offices and exhibition areas were renovated, while the second phase involved the laboratory rooms, the lift and the façade. The ornate street façades had not previously undergone any major alterations, retaining their original architecture but, due to their incomplete and in places accident-prone condition, were renovated with the involvement of a stone restorer and the heritage authority, retaining their originality while harmonising with the current townscape. The function of the building will remain unchanged.

During the technical inspection of the building, the performance of the tasks under Government Decree No. 191/2009 (IX. 15.) was contractually determined. The technical inspection was carried out with the participation of colleagues from the fields of architecture, building services and building services engineering, which, with the help of a high level of engineering expertise, greatly facilitated the implementation of quality construction.

TSPC Group’s portfolio includes general design and technical supervision for the renovation of a number of existing buildings, office conversions and new office construction. Most recently, the Hungarian Academy of Justice Education and Training Centre (1122 Budapest, Tóth Lőrinc street 6.) underwent a similar renovation involving TSPC Group.

Staff list:

László Lukács, TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft. Construction Management Director

Péter Geri, TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft. Construction Technical Inspector, Project Manager

Péter Bartha, TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft. Construction Technical Inspector

Zoltán Zay, TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft. Technical Inspector for Building Services

István Kiss, TSPC Mérnökiroda Kft. Technical Inspector for Building Services