3 individually designed
solar panels

355 new trees,
25 500 bushes

650 m2
water surface

park and underground garage

Millenáris Széllkapu Park

The modern recreational part with the largest three-dimensional vertical garden in Central Europe, a cherry tree grove, a forest­field-lake trio, spectacular solar panels and 330 new trees was opened in Budapest.


park and underground garage

Millenáris Széllkapu Park

The park is organized into three parts: the dense vegetation part resembles a forest, the wild­flower part reminds one of the Hungarian fields, while at the meeting of the two parts, the 650 square meter lake evokes the world of fresh waters. The architectural focal point of the park features three, individually designed solar panels providing shade and contribution to the energy supply. There is a 500-space car park with electric car charging station and bicycle storage room under the park. Széllkapu park is a green island located at one of the most air polluted part of the city aired by fresh winds.

Activity: conceptual design, basic design, interior design, design plan, video, building permit drawings, detailed construction drawings, budgeting, BIM, infrastructure design, utility design, contractor’s documentation, geodesic survey, technical supervision, project management

Credits: Kádár Mihály, Könözsi Szilvia, Szántó Csilla, Fekete Attila, Szente Zoltán, Ellenrieder Orsolya, Lakomcsik Attila, Szalai Dóra, Huszár Attila, Gönye Péter, Ábrahám Krisztina, Fejér Szabolcs, Nagy Tamás Bajnok, Lakatos Janka, Leipold Kolos, Tornyi Dávid, Parai Zoltán, Kovács Erzsébet, Péter Éva

Collaborators: 4D Tájépítész Iroda, FŐMTERV, DudáStudio, A4 Stúdió, Brick Visual

Client: Millenáris Széllkapu Nonprofit Kft.

Photos: Juhász Norbert, Hlinka Zsolt