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The urn passage designed with the tools of land art, the floating building symbolizing final farewell, the sophisticated play of lights symbolizing transcendence: these were the architectural solutions, for which TSPC Group won a Special Prize in their joint tender with the Austrian Who Cares?! Engineering Agency in the design competition for the new crematory building in Vienna.

“When preparing the design, we were focusing on creating a building where everybody finds their questions and answers, regardless whether they think of death as a passing without transition, as a slow change of shape or as a return back to nature. Our design goes along the path from preparation, through meeting until the hard moments of saying goodbye with simple but sensible symbolism” – says Dr. Szabolcs Dienes, senior architect of TSPC. 


TSPC: Péter Farkas, Szabolcs Dienes DLA, Andrea Bóta

Who Cares?!: Robin Skala, Johann Szebeni, Marcel Steinbacher