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Műcsarnok – Local Value

On 11 May 2024, the 3rd National Salon of Architecture will open at the Kunsthalle, where four of TSPC Group’s outstanding projects, the Mindszentyneum building, the reconstruction of the Nádasdy Castle, the park of Tura Castle and Millenáris Széllkapu Park will be showcased among the best architectural masterpieces of the past 5 years.

Since spring 2014, every year the Kunsthalle has been hosting an exhibition focusing on a specific artistic field, showcasing the works of the previous 5 years. In a series of national salons organised cyclically by theme, the 2024 exhibition will again focus on architecture. The Mindszentyneum and the Nádasdy Castle, which will be on show in the Local Value exhibition, are projects with a unique cultural background, whose success lies in the details.

Eszter Dénes and her fellow curators, Dr. Habil. Marcel Ferencz DLA, Robert Gutowski and Tamás Perényi DLA selected buildings (and other architectural interventions) realized in the last five years, both in Hungary and abroad, around the challenges of our time and the inevitable issues related to them: reconstruction and monument; adaptive architecture; the art of building on; signs in the cityscape; architecture and community cultural identity; ‘hidden’ architecture; teaching spaces; how we live today. ” – reads the Kunsthalle website.


Projects of TSPC on the exhibition:

Reconstruction of Nádasdy Castle

The Nádasdy Castle in Nádasdladány has been renovated as part of the National Castle and Fortress Programme. The architectural design of the monumental reconstruction work was carried out by TSPC and architect Lajos Ónodi Szabó and Bicske Építő Kft. The aim of the reconstruction work, which was carried out in several phases, was to preserve the monument for posterity and to implement modern tourist functions. During the reconstruction, the grounds and gardens of the castle were renovated and restored, and new functions were added, creating a new museum and tourist centre in Nádasdladány.


The 1,200 square metre Modern Cities building includes exhibition halls, a conference and community space for 120 people, and museum education rooms. The design was carried out in consortium with Konkrét Stúdió Építészeti Kft. The Mindszenty Pilgrimage Centre building is located next to the Göcseji Museum.

Schossberger Castle in Tura

As part of a complete monument reconstruction, the Schossberger Castle in Tura, built in 1883 in a Neo-Renaissance style, was renovated in three phases. The castle has been completely renovated in accordance with heritage conservation regulations and surveys of monument specialists. The rehabilitation included the arrangement and replanting of a ten-and-a-half-hectares park with ‘Methuselah’ trees and the restoration of historic walkways.

Millenáris Széllkapu Park

With the largest three-dimensional hanging garden in Central Europe, a cherry tree grove, a forest-field-pond trio, spectacular design solar panels and 355 new trees, Budapest’s modern recreation park has been completed. The park is organised into three units: the lush, dense vegetation is the forest, the wildflower area is the Hungarian meadows, and the 650 square metre lake at the junction of the two units is reminiscent of the world of living water. The architectural focal point of the park is formed by three spectacular custom-designed solar panels: these structures not only provide shade, but also feed into the park’s energy supply.

The exhibition will be on view at the Kunsthalle until 15 September 2024.