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Is there architecture without interior design? In fact, the name itself is the answer. They are two different disciplines, yet it is essential that they work together and form a single entity.

The interior design and graphics department plays a unique role in the TSPC Group. The interior design role can be a specialist role in the group’s generic projects, accompanying the project through the various design phases, or a stand-alone design role within the framework of an interior design commission. In this way, the team of 8 people can not only deliver solutions in-house on generic projects, but can also achieve excellent performance and amazing results independently. Graphic design includes 3 areas: graphic design and execution of graphic materials serving TSPC’s marketing activities – portfolio brochures and other publications presenting the TSPC’s specialities, graphic design and execution of corporate identity objects and tools, as well as website, social media, etc. In our large-scale public interior design projects, we design building signage systems using the expertise of our graphic designers. In addition, we are involved in the graphic design of presentations and brochures for each project, to be published for clients and partners.

The TSPC Design team has recently left the architecture sector and will continue to operate as a separate discipline and later as an independent division under the leadership of Zsófia Kovács-Szarka, giving the team the opportunity to undertake independent projects, while also playing a key role in the interior design of projects within the group.
We asked Zsófia about the development, plans and achievements of the group.

What does design mean to you?

For me, design is a way of life. A way of thinking. For me, design is everyday life. I don’t stop being a designer by leaving the office or finishing work in the evening. Designing is as much a part of my life as a mother, a sister, cooking, playing sports, having fun or even getting dressed in the morning as it is in front of my desk.

What makes a day for the interior design and graphics team?

Our team consists of interior and graphic designers who work together in 2 different offices and home offices. We usually start with an online start of day consultation, where we go over the current interior design tasks on a project by project basis. After that, everyone works on the tasks on the project. The nature of the day’s work depends on who is working on what project and at what design stage, we have consultations with the architect and other disciplines, which is efficient because most disciplines work in-house. We also spend time on the professional development of the team, taking part in factory visits, product launches, various technical presentations and events, while at the same time working on the efficient functioning of the team and the improvement of the design processing policy. Graphic design and marketing tasks are coordinated on a weekly basis, and we also have a busy schedule in this area, as the Group is in the process of a corporate identity refresh to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

How long have you been a member of the TSPC team and how has the interior design profession changed since then?

Interior design has been part of the group’s services since the beginning, when the company was still using external partners to carry out interior design work under the direction of a project architect. I joined the TSPC team in 2018, after which we started to carry out smaller and larger interior design projects in-house with the help of architect colleagues. My team was formed in January 2022 and consists of interior and graphic designers. Our aim is to operate as an independent sector, with a strong core in-house team with a small number of staff and a strong network of external partners.

What projects are you currently working on?

A few months ago, we submitted the design plans for the Baja Sports and Adventure Spa, and at the same time we finished the design documentation for the Vasas Folyondár Street Sports and Dance Centre. We are currently preparing the outline design for the transformation of the former Korona Hotel in Miskolc into the MCC Talent Centre, working on the tender design for the National Vaccine Factory in Debrecen and will be involved in the outline design phase of the Hőgyes-Schöpf-Merei Pharmaceutical Research Centre in the coming weeks. A few months ago, we also participated in a design competition for a hotel in Balatonfüred. We also have smaller international projects, including the design and construction of a condominium conversion in Belgium and a beachfront property in collaboration with Grivalia Hospitality Group.

What are the big challenges for an interior designer?

There are many things that can be challenging. Challenges can be meeting deadlines, finding a common voice with the client, coordinating teams working together on a project, finding a unique solution to a specific feature or need, maintaining a good team atmosphere in a stressful project, and so on. Each project is different, each has its difficulties and challenges, but each has its precious and happy moments. Every experience, whether positive or negative, is part of the learning process and that is what drives us forward.

What is a current issue, question or theme in interior design?

Many of us are concerned about how artificial intelligence will change and influence our lives. AI developments are already making huge strides in creative fields. At first, this unknown may seem scary and daunting, but I think it’s important to learn about the developments rather than fearing and worrying about the uncertainties. We need to learn to seize opportunities and use them effectively. Within the TSPC group, we have set up a team dedicated to AI developments in our different areas of expertise, so that we can move forward with the technology, rather than follow it. We are already making effective use of the opportunities offered by AI in interior design and graphic design.