WELL and LEED – Building certification questions, through the eyes of our colleague, Mónika Vértesy

2019. November 28.

Our colleague, Mónika Vértesy, TSPC’s building certification consultant gave a presentation on the Portfolio Big Office Day event in November. In her presentation she introduced two American building certification systems to the large audience at the event.

WELL is the first certificate system that places man in the focus and achieved international recognition. Their requirements are set up for the buildings to provide maximum comfort and a healthy environment to the people. LEED investigates buildings from a little further, besides the fulfillment of the required comfort parameters, the buildings are evaluated from the aspect of their environmental burden and energy utilization.

The certificates also cover existing buildings and can be requested for buildings with a function other than office building. In case of a commercial function, simultaneously serving the comfort needs of our own employees and our customers can be raised to a high level, which will be completely new on the Hungarian market. Companies utilize the opportunities in building certificates well when they use them as a kind of compass already during the planning phase, and together with the client they determine the values along which they can create and use a building worthy of appraisal and also likeable from the client’s, the employer’s and the employee’s aspect.

Photo: Ákos Stiller, Portfolio Big Office Day 2019