Architectural design

Architectural design

Providing high quality and aesthetic solutions for architectural and related creative tasks, with a fresh, contemporary and sustainable approach.

  • Case study
  • Concept design
  • Preliminary plan
  • Interior design
  • Design
  • Visualisation
  • Animations, videos
Complex architectural design

Complex architectural design

Following through construction projects from permits to handover. Accurate and detailed virtual design processing and BIM content.

  • Building permit plans
  • Tender plans
  • Construction plans
  • As-built plans
  • Budget development
  • Operational plans
  • BIM
  • BIM consultancy
Engineering design

Engineering design

Wide-ranging engineering support to architectural tasks in several specialist fields.

  • Infrastructure design
  • Designing public utilities
  • Designing military facilities
  • Designing nuclear facilities
  • Design by specialties
  • Building fire protection design
  • Environmental engineering design
Expert Services and Consultancy

Expert Services and Consultancy

Expert services and consultancy to support the construction, maintenance and renovation of architectural and engineering structures, from the analysis of the market environment to environmental impact evaluation.

  • Expert services in waste management
  • Expert services in air quality management
  • Expert services in noise and vibration abatement
  • Expert services in water and geological medium protection
  • Expert services in application writing
  • Expert services in budget development
  • Property development consultancy
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Design inspection
  • Project audit, technical and energy audit


Geodetic surveying of the natural and built environment, also with point cloud method, energy performance surveys and building diagnostics.

  • Building surveys
  • Building diagnostics
  • Geodetic surveys
  • Point cloud surveys
  • Energy performance certification of buildings
Project implementation

Project implementation

Supporting projects from the development idea to handover, in any phase of the implementation.

  • Construction supervision
  • Construction supervision by specialties
  • Public procurement consultancy and technical support
  • Project scheduling, drawing up schedules
  • FIDIC engineering activities
  • Project implementation and project-related expert services
  • Project management
  • Business plan development
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