Dunakapu square and underground parking garage

The square at the northern gate of the medieval district has changed a lot over the centuries. The area has been filled up over time, and it contains the city walls, fortifications and the foundations of residential buildings demolished long ago. As the row of houses on the bank of the river Danube were pulled down, the square has become significantly larger. With this, the largest contiguous articulated space has been created in the centre of Győr, which attracts the most visitors during various events.

  • location:Győr
  • function:district
  • year:2012-2015
  • size:14100 m2
  • services:detailed construction drawings
  • credits:RÓNASZÉKI Gábor, KÖNÖZSI Szilvia, GÖNYE Péter, SZÁNTÓ Csilla
  • collaborators:INCORSO Kft.