University of Physical Education – 1st phase

The largest campus development has started in the heart of Budapest: the area of the University of Physical Education (Testnevelési Egyetem) is being implemented in several stages on 78,000 square meters to become a complex, innovative and green “city” itself within a few years.

At the first stage, the complex of the Athletics Hall, Swimming Pool, Sporthotel and Gymnastics Hall are being realized, on the top of which with a common sports terrace.


Athletics Hall: Athletics Hall with 400 seats, VIP room and athletic sports service areas (changing rooms, sanitary blocks).

Swimming Pool:  50 m swimming pool, a 25 m training pool, a grandstand with 200 seats, a seminar room, and a high-level assessment room for swimming education and its required low-current systems. The swimming pool is complemented with wellness facilities and a conditioning room. The swimming pool’s engineering rooms are located on the basement level P2 under the pool area.

Sporthotel: The 53-room Sporthotel is located on the front of the building complex on Alkotás Street, with an entrance lobby area from the front of Alkotás Street and a breakfast room attached to it. On the first floor of the building offices and meeting rooms serve the hotel. On the 2nd floor, hotel rooms are designed, typically with double rooms (49 double rooms) and 4 apartments.

Sports Roof: The top of the Swimming Pool and Athletics Hall is a sports roof, with a running track and a sports terrace for various recreational activities. When choosing sports, we tried not to disturb the tranquillity of our hotel guests with loud, noisy (even music) sports.

Gymnastics Hall: Here the gym of rhythmic gymnastics and the fields of martial arts (judo, wrestling, karate, box) can be found.

  • Location:Budapest XII.
  • function:education, sport
  • year:2017-2019
  • client:Testnevelési Egyetem
  • status:in progress
  • services:general design
  • credits: Kádár Mihály és Könözsi Szilvia, Szántó Csilla, Farkas-Miklós Imola, Fejér Szabolcs, Leipold Kolos, Nagy Gábor, Szalai Dóra
  • collaborators:Formiconcept, Janik Mérnökiroda, Kertművek Kft., Perfect-Plan Kft., Zone-Plan Kft., Mecsekterv Kft., FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt., DudáStúdió Kft
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