University of Pécs

The investment aims to realize a modern, international, green and student-friendly campus. In the framework of the Modern Cities Program, in addition to the overhaul of the existing theoretical block, the project’s main goal was to shape a new 12000 square meter big wing for educational and research purposes respecting the highest professional requirements. As the works proceed the vast community park in the centre of the campus is being transformed. The development creates 304 new parking lots and 160 bike parking spaces arranging, the partially unsolved parking problem of the university.

In order to accommodate the coexistence of the educational areas (seminar rooms and community spaces) and the spaces for research activities (laboratories, insulate stairwells, locks, elevators, examination rooms) TSPCs’ experts have suggested complex solutions.

Let us share with you the most interesting facts of the project:

  • The new wing is going to be the location of the so-called Core Facility Spaces meeting the highest standards of medical research. This area with specific features is based on the idea of the “lab in the lab” principle. Located in the middle of the building, these spaces are designed to be shared by the institutes.
  • The design of the Imaging lab line outstands with its complexity from the other tasks. Given the super-sensitive optical devices, each box is equipped with a separately adjustable air handling and lighting system to ensure complete dust protection in a photon-isolated area.
  • The area of ​​the molecular biology laboratory will be operated isolated with a sluice-gate access system. In the entire lab room, the air handling unit must be able to filter out the DNA and RNA contaminants. It is a particular task also to control temperature and humidity.
  • In the building, the vertical movement of live animals and chemicals had to be solved between the central storage, the animal house, and the laboratory levels. A group of elevators were built in, used exclusively for this purpose, separated from the other transport spaces.
  • On the ground floor and on the first-floor dedicated areas support the proper education, such as labs equipped with modern technology, auditoriums, and lecture rooms from 130 to 300 seats.
  • As a result of the investment, the city of Pécs enriches with a renewed campus that provides its students, educators and researchers with a modern, innovative environment, enabling them to deliver results at international level in the field of education and research.
  • location:Pécs
  • function:education
  • year:2018-
  • gross floor area:11223 m2
  • status:in progress
  • services:general design
  • credits:Kádár Mihály; Kisgergely Csaba, Sebestyén Péter