Outpatient Clinic in Vörösvári road

The 50+year-old outpatient clinic needed to be expanded to accommodate new pulmonary care, chest x-ray, surgical and gastroenterology departments. Since there was not enough room for these departments within the building, a major architectural intervention was necessary. However, the internal structure of the building and the standard brick-lined building mass, which was completed in the late 1950s, provide limited opportunity for expansion.

We created the concept plans in the tender preparation stage for the expansion of the Szent Margit Outpatient Clinic in 3 versions, which focused on junctions. The basic idea was to add a new floor to the side wing. However, this would not have resulted in sufficient area either, so other ideas for a new form were necessary. We developed one version in detail, which connects the existing and the new areas by extending the wide corridor-waiting area of the main wing. Expansion is on the level of the first floor, with a floor added to the annex and with a new wing sitting atop legs in the park. The wing sitting atop legs has an elongated shape, and it is more separated from the main building, letting more air and light in the rooms on the ground floor.

On the first floor, the pulmonary care department is connected to the waiting area-corridor of the main building with a spacious and light waiting area. Below this, from the park, you can enter the small cylindrical building of the chest x-ray station, where you can go up to the x-ray equipment on the first floor. We designed a one day surgery with two operating theatres and a gastroenterology clinic above the existing one-storey building mass.

  • location:Budapest, III.
  • function:public administration and public health
  • year:2012-2013
  • size:4,200 m2
  • services:concept design
  • credits:RÓNASZÉKI Gábor, GÖNYE Péter