Millenáris Széllkapu public park


A 2-level underground parking garage with service areas is to be established on the area between the promenade, Margit körút, Kis Rókus utca and Fény utca, integrated with the area of Millenáris Park. A section of Fény utca is to be relocated and lowered below ground level, and a recreational urban park, closely connected to Millenáris park is to be established. We laid great emphasis on the connection between the new park and Millenáris Park. Public traffic from the direction of Fény utca is directed to a connection road under the park.

The service structures of the underground spaces in the area of the new park, and the service buildings of the park are to be created together.

With this layout, through the way the building mass is formed, these buildings frame the entrance and exit slopes of the parking garage, and protect the park from traffic noise and air pollution from the neighbouring streets. The park is a mostly green area, a great place to spend some relaxing leisure time. The basic idea was to provide as much greenery as possible, which is also required by the indicators in the regulations.

Forming the street fronts of the park was also a part of the design process, and also the integration of its visual appearance from the neighbouring streets into the environment. The park is surrounded partly by structure-like retaining walls and partly by a screen fence, which is justified by the retaining walls of the hills in the park and by the need for locking. In our concept this is a screen wall with a plastic design, forming a more articulated space towards the street at the entrances of the park. This responds to the surrounding urban fabric and creates a connection between the park and the street. The urban front mentioned above will be created on the wall facing Kis Rókus utca, which will run through to the retaining wall supporting the south slope. We designed visible concrete screen walls from shuttered concrete that imitates plants in the wind, which provides a direct visual connection and hints at the park behind it.

The 2-level underground parking garage to be built on the site is a public facility that is suitable for 496+6 cars, entry and exit control and internal traffic. When designing the connection between the underground parking garage and the park, we considered the optimal location of the car access points defined in the design programme, how they can be built, the space required for traffic technology, and connections to the existing road network. The Millenáris Park and the new green area above the underground parking garage are connected both thematically and functionally, so Fény utca, which has one-way traffic in the direction of Kis Rókus utca, is lowered below ground level in front of Millenáris Park, and its cover is integrated with the green areas of the park. This section gets back to the surface at Kis Rókus utca.

Next to the promenade used by pedestrians and cyclists, a multi-storey installation exactly as tall as the facade of the Mammut 2 shopping centre is to be established, with climbing plants. This element is a plant-wall that goes over to the Millenáris Park, it is the vertical extension of the planned park, and its visual appearance enhances the natural alternative to the shopping centre. The installation is a 6 m wide, varied height “open structure”, starting from the exit of the underground parking garage to Margit körút, and from there, spanning over Fény utca, it leads to Millenáris Park. Its vegetation, appearance and colour may change every season. It is a suitable background for grand events.

Its exterior is defined by the row of columns, deviating from a vertical position, installed lengthwise along the installation, which are seemingly erratic but in fact follow a regular pattern, and by the seasonal changes of the climbing plants. The interior is defined by the plant walls, and those who walk there are provided with a special spatial experience because of the openings on the roof and the position of the ramps.

  • location:Budapest II
  • function:public park and underground parking garage
  • year:2015-2018
  • size:41,000 m2
  • client:Millenáris Széllkapu Nonprofit Kft.
  • services:concept design, preliminary plan, interior design, visualisation, video, building permit plan, construction plan, budget, BIM, infrastructure design, public utilities design, design by specialties, geodetic survey, construction supervision
  • status:in progress
  • credits:KÁDÁR Mihály, KÖNÖZSI Szilvia, SZÁNTÓ Csilla, FEKETE Attila, SZENTE Zoltán, ELLENRIEDER Orsolya, LAKOMCSIK Attila, SZALAI Dóra, HUSZÁR Attila, GÖNYE Péter, ÁBRAHÁM Krisztina, FEJÉR Szabolcs, NAGY Tamás Bajnok, LAKATOS Janka, LEIPOLD Kolos, TORNYI Dávid, KOVÁCS Erzsébet, PÉTER Éva
  • collaborators:4D Tájépítész Iroda, FŐMTERV, DudáStudio, A4 Stúdió, Brick Visual