Millenáris Széllkapu Park

A 3D vertical garden, echoes of Hungarian fields, forests and lakes, a symbolic group of ‘solar mushrooms’ and a two-level underground parking system:  some of the highlights of Budapest’s latest city park, Széllkapu (Gate of Winds) designed for a former industrial area by TSPC Group. Buildings frame the entrance and exit slopes of the parking garage to protect the park from traffic noise and air pollution from the neighbouring streets; this creative recreational area is aiming to be the Central European symbol of conscious architectural and landscape design, creating spaces that are both spectacular and intimate for 21-st century city life.

The name Széllkapu Park (Gate of Winds) refers to the much needed clean winds that freshen the air of the busy capital; architects created a light wind tunnel so that the closeness to nature is not only symbolic but something that can be touched, sensed and also breathed in. The location of the park is itself a sensitive choice: this postmodern cradle of nature is created to an area next to huge shopping malls and at a land that used to be a heavily polluted industrial zone. This new public park is a great step forward for the city of Budapest to show orientation of green, sustainable and creative architectural solutions of the future, delivered by TSPC Group. Opening of the new park is a great way for the city of Budapest to promote its commitment to creative green architectural solutions that bring a sustainable future closer.



  • location:Budapest II
  • function:public park and underground parking garage
  • year:2015-2018
  • size:41,000 m2
  • client:Millenáris Széllkapu Nonprofit Kft.
  • services:concept design, preliminary plan, interior design, visualisation, video, building permit plan, construction plan, budget, BIM, infrastructure design, public utilities design, design by specialties, geodetic survey, construction supervision
  • status:in progress
  • credits:KÁDÁR Mihály, KÖNÖZSI Szilvia, SZÁNTÓ Csilla, FEKETE Attila, SZENTE Zoltán, ELLENRIEDER Orsolya, LAKOMCSIK Attila, SZALAI Dóra, HUSZÁR Attila, GÖNYE Péter, ÁBRAHÁM Krisztina, FEJÉR Szabolcs, NAGY Tamás Bajnok, LAKATOS Janka, LEIPOLD Kolos, TORNYI Dávid, KOVÁCS Erzsébet, PÉTER Éva
  • collaborators:4D Tájépítész Iroda, FŐMTERV, DudáStudio, A4 Stúdió, Brick Visual
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