Millenáris Startup Campus

The Millenáris Startup Campus is one of the largest co-working and startup community projects in the Central and Eastern European region. It was created to provide a supportive environment for the members of the local and international tech life as an ecosystem hub and to make a major contribution to the inclusion of Budapest on the global startup map.

It is a place where talents, startups and the world of innovation can work under one roof.


  • location:Budapest II.
  • function:community office
  • year:2017-2018
  • gross floor area:3371 m2
  • client:Millenáris Nonprofit Kft
  • status:done
  • services:interior design
  • credits:Kádár Mihály; Tóth Gabriella; Rónaszéki Gábor
  • collaborators:AEO Építész és Belsőépítész Bt. és Interior Show Kft.;Épületgépészet, CÉH Zrt.; WHB (West Hungária Bau) Kft. Műszaki ellenőr: TECHNOPLUS Kft.