II. János Pál Square

The renovation of the II. János Pál Square, its surroundings and the Győr National Theater is realized as a part of the “Győr, Modern Cities Program.” The current spaces are renovated; the associated underground facilities and the public underground garage is built with pedestrian connection to the square. The area of ​​the square is aligned with the surrounding streets, with partial retention of existing uses.

We design public spaces, shady rest areas, and terraces beneath cozy benches for outdoor performances. What happens deep under the ground is the highest level of engineering work: four-lift, automatic underground garage and 270 parking spaces at six levels of depth, we find out how to minimize parking difficulties in a complex downtown city like Győr.

Along with the renovation of the square, the traffic order is expected to change significantly in the area: the increased protection of pedestrian traffic is very important, besides the underground garage that opens under the square. At the same time, the square that is currently inconsistent will become completely available for the disabled also and the main entrance of the theater will be easily accessible to everyone.

The theater in Győr is built not only for theater visitors: as a community space, with green arbors, shady relaxation spaces, loose connection with the surrounding restaurants and cafes, becomes a real downtown meeting place where the cultural experience can be started and be extended as you wish.

  • location:Győr
  • function:community park, underground garage
  • year:2018-2019
  • client:Győr Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata
  • status:in progress
  • services:architectural genereal design
  • credits:Kádár Mihály, Faltusz Csaba, Horváth Zsanett, Kovács Jácint, Ozsváth-Klenik Annamária, Seres Dóra, Szalai Dóra, Nagy Gábor