Budafok Market

We created this study for the owner of an area wedged in a hillside in downtown Budafok. The visible part of the plot opens onto a downtown street that is quiet but has great features. From the public area, the plot slopes slightly upwards until it reaches the bottom of the hill, where it ends in a high retaining wall. Here in this rear part is the entrance to a part of the famous cellars of Budafok.

The owner wanted to develop a public area and market with mixed design, with permanent stores, hosting a regular farmers’ market and occasional events. A community space with a fresh mentality that the town has been lacking so far, a gathering place for the students of neighbouring schools, visitors of culinary events, those who like quality food, and many more.

The area is like a one-way sack up the slope, which needs to be fully opened from the street so that the rear areas are also revealed immediately. In light of this, the lower area is an open park which you can cross easily, with catering places along its side. Going up you see buildings – the sides of the sack – along the side of the area, accommodating stores and services. High up in the back it is busier, with a large, contiguous area for the market and various events, which sometimes turns into a bustling and crowded gathering place. Under the hill, continuing the arched front of the neighbouring row of cellars, you see premises around the marketplace, ready to be used.

  • location:Budapest, XXII
  • function:farmers’ market
  • year:2013-2014
  • size (m2)::4000 m2
  • client:private
  • services:concept design
  • credits:KÖNÖZSI Szilvia, HUSZÁR Attila, VEZÉR-VEREB Éva, RÓNASZÉKI Gábor