Tiszavirág Swimming Center opens in Szeged based on the plans of TSPC

2021. February 04.

The new 13,000 square meter sports complex of Szeged, the Tiszavirág Sports Swimming Pool was completed according to the plans of the general designer, TSPC architect studio and its partner, DPI Design company. With this development, the city will be enriched with a modern, unique building, which provides space for recreation as well as amateur and competitive sports.

The Tiszavirág swimming center has a 50-meter, FINA standard ten-lane competition pool with movable dividers, a warm training pool and a spa pool for relaxation as well as a tribune for 1,200 spectators. The naturally lit pool stadium is also suitable for television broadcasting, special sports lighting has also been installed here. The sports complex offers several solutions for a sustainable environment: 320 new trees have been planted in the area, the designers have placed a 750-panel solar park on top, the rainwater and the purified pool water, that becomes redundant during the water exchange, are both used to irrigate the surrounding green surfaces and the green roof. 188 bicycle storage facilities, 14 bus parking lots, 317 car parking lots and accessible parking spots have been set up in the area to facilitate easy and quick transport.

“As requested by the client, we have designed a swimming pool in Szeged which can be a high-quality venue for health care, competitions and recreation, swimming and water polo, as well as providing an excellent environment for sports education and talent management,” says Attila Huszár, TSPC project manager architect. “The design was made with state-of-the-art, three-dimensional BIM technology, which not only made the design process more efficient, but it helped the customer to imagine the specially designed sports complex.”   

TSPC professionals designed an elegant swimming pool with clean lines that provides a modern space experience: while the façade of the building is formed by the alteration solid and glazed surfaces, the façade walls on the west street front and the east backyard are tilted, therefore, the competition pool with its tilted walls is adjusted to them.

The pool area is connected to the roof terrace and the landscaped environment with glazed surfaces, you can relax in the garden, and you can also walk up to the roof garden. In addition to the pools, the sports complex also has a spa, gym, conference room, child care center, study room, offices and shops.

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