National Dance Theatre: we danced through the building waiting to be handed over

2019. February 15.

Project manager, TSPC Group had a creative photo series made: the photos of Norbert Juhász reveal the new building of the Dance Theatre for the first time

TSPC Group asked photographer Norbert Juhász – whose photos earlier were published in The New York Times as well– to make a creative photo series with a special atmosphere about the spaces of the National Dance Theatre that is to be handed over in the middle of February. The dancers discover and show the beauty of the almost finished building with the moves of ballet, folk and Latin dances.

“The coordination of rhythm, moves and individual performances in such a project serves exactly the same purpose as in an artistic production – says Mihány Kádár, TSPC’s founder-executive director. It is TSPC’s role to ensure everything falls into its place in the project and instead of details, only the spectacular joint performance will amaze the audience on the opening gala.”

Nortbert Juhász – who earlier published his photos of architecture also on the website of The New York Times – asked the dancers appearing on the photos to perform their moves meant for the stage of the Dance Theatre in the “construction” setting. This is how the feet of ballerina got on the ladder, the dramatic move of the Latin dancer into the storage or the silhouette of the folk dance couple into the red picture frame hand-drawn by the workers.