Nádasdy Castle in Nádasdladány soon to be completed

2021. January 28.

Nádasdy Castle in Nádasdladány is being restored within the framework of the National Castle and Palace Reconstruction Project. The construction planning tasks of the monument reconstruction were done by the general designer TSPC Kft. and their partner, architect designer Lajos Ónodi Szabó and Bicske Építő Kft.

The reconstruction, which is currently being completed, is the final stage of an earlier started large-scale monument restoration. During the implementation of the development for cultural and tourism purposes, conservation and technical tasks were also carried out. The restoration of the interior of the castle is also part of the renovation: portraits of the forebears of Count Ferenc Nádasdy will be placed in the Hall of the Ancestors, thousands of volumes of the former library will be restored by adding the duplicates of the National Széchényi Library and the library of Festetics Palace in Keszthely.

The aim of the reconstruction, which was carried out in several stages, is to preserve the monument’s condition for prosperity and to implement modern tourist functions. The former representative halls on the ground floor of the castle will be open to visitors and host elegant events. During the current works, the restoration process of the interiors, which had already begun on the ground floor but was interrupted, was completed and made suitable for larger tourist arrivals.

The hall and the reception, equipped with modern facilities, aim to provide information and welcome the public. In addition to the authentic presentation of the interior, the former billiard room serves as a well-equipped museum shop, while the former dining room has a café providing tourists with a cozy atmosphere. The largest space of the building is the large hall, which is perfect for holding events or presentations. The Hall of the Ancestors is particularly elegant, the ornate wooden furnishings provide framework for the original portraits of the forebears’ family gallery which will be restored later.

The upstairs spaces of the castle building included the family’s former bedrooms, there used to be elegant bathrooms and other service spaces here. In these spaces  dry rot fungus were eradicated so the plastering of the ceilings and the parquet coverings had to be removed and restored after the chemical treatment. This area also has heating and electrical system. In the simpler-looking interiors temporary exhibitions can be host, there is a museum education room as well as the showcase of a bedroom and a bathroom.

The furnishing of the former library room is of utmost importance: the restoration of the furnishings and ornate ceiling covering of the hall can be completed at this stage, so that the fragmentary materials of the volumes from the former library can be placed here. The reconstruction of the conservatory is an important element in the exterior appearance of the castle and conducting events. Based on photos, the once completely demolished part of the building was rebuilt at this stage. The conservatory with its ornate cast-iron columns can also be a suitable place to serve guests during events. In the ground floor area, winter heating and the construction of electrical and low-voltage networks along with safety equipment were also implemented. The base wood paneling of the halls, the panel parquet, and the wallpapers in the style of that period, with the antique furnishings, are meant to evoke the atmosphere of the former aristocratic castle.

In the surrounding of the charming and romantic castle building there used to be an English park of picturesque beauty, rich in plant rarities. The first steps in the reconstruction of the large park area have been made. The immediate vicinity of the castle and the artificial lake were renewed. Walking paths with varied lines lead to the lake, which is again filled with water, and in which a small romantic island has been established.

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