Dunakapu tér 7. – GINOP-8.3.1-16

Debtor’s name: TSPC Kft.

Short description of the content of the project:

The subject of the project is the building with a net area of 1 000,81 m2 at 7 Dunakapu tér, Győr, under property lot number 6844. The aim of the project is to renovate and to remodel the interior of the existing historic building. The building masses looking on Dunakapu tér and Szappanos köz are to be preserved during the remodeling. On the ground floor, which housed several small offices and stores, a contiguous space is to be created, to be used for hospitality functions. On the first floor an independent group of offices is to be created, separated from the ground floor and the spaces in the attic. The existing roof structure is to be pulled down, and a new floor is to be created that is a complete floor in the inner areas, covered with a metal sheet, with mono-pitch roofs. The attic will house two groups of offices and the related service rooms.

The property has been purchased, and remodeling is in progress. The infrastructure needed for furnishing and operating the office is to be purchased, together with other equipment related to the activities of the company (geographic information equipment and software).

The aim of the project is to serve, on site, the technical activities related to the modern city programme.

 Credit Programme identification number: GINOP-8.3.1-16 Credit Programme to increase the competitiveness of micro-, small-, and medium sized enterprises