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In January, Petrinjai Primary School No. I in Croatia opened its doors to young students. The second semester starts for 349 students in the 20-classroom elementary school. The school, realized after a severe earthquake, was designed based on the plans of TSPC Group and our local partner in Croatia, STRUCTOR d.o.o. Šibenik and architect Luka Najev.

During the earthquake in 2020, many public buildings in Petrinja, including the primary school, were severely damaged and rendered unusable. Under the HUNGARY HELPS PROGRAM, the new building is located in the city centre on a newly designated area, close to the old and damaged building. TSPC is responsible for the complete architectural, mechanical, and electrical design of the building, the implementation was awarded to Mega-Logistic Zrt. Construction of the new building and began in mid-2022.

The new school building consists of a ground floor and two floors, housing 20 classrooms, a library, a kitchen with a dining area, offices, and auxiliary rooms. Next to the school, a new hall was built, and the total area of the school and the hall (gymnasium) is 5554.7 m2. Outdoor educational and sports facilities were also constructed to allow students to engage in certain educational activities outdoors during favourable weather conditions.