Career at TSPC

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Dynamism, innovation, teamwork, and complex thinking – TSPC Group is one of Europe’s fastest-growing architect and engineering companies, where we accompany our customers from idea to implementation. The goal set when the company was founded, to bring together disciplines and expertise in architecture and engineering solutions, is also a major strength of our day-to-day work: our colleagues, regardless of their field of expertise, can see the entire work process and participate in exciting, large-scale projects.

With a team of more than one hundred and sixty people, TSPC helps its colleagues to be effective in a high-quality environment with a strong technological background and a high level of working conditions. Our company is a market leader in the application of 3D design and BIM technology. Our offices are located in several locations: in Budapest, Győr, Komárom, Zagreb, Munich, and Berlin.

Work with us if you would like to be a member of the TSPC team so that you can participate in the largest construction projects in Hungary with your expertise, openness to technical and technological innovations, and dedicated responsible work.