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TSPC Group isn’t just a leader in BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology in Hungary – we’re passionate about pushing its boundaries. Our dedicated 15-person BIM team leverages their expertise to create not just accurate 3D models, but information-rich models that fuel efficiency throughout a building’s lifecycle.

Think of BIM as a new way of working. We go beyond traditional 3D visualization to capture vital data right from the design stage. Each element within the model – walls, doors, MEP systems – contains specific information, creating a powerful resource that benefits every stage of construction, from pre-construction all the way to demolition.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond software. We utilize a robust office infrastructure and a comprehensive software suite (ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoCAD, etc.) to meet the most demanding projects. But to truly unlock BIM’s potential, we developed the groundbreaking BIM Container concept.

The BIM Container: Bringing BIM Power On-Site

Imagine a way to extend the advantages of our BIM back-office services directly to the construction site. That’s the power of the BIM Container. We deliver this container with a dedicated BIM manager, ensuring immediate access to on-site BIM support. It’s a tangible representation of the full BIM back-office experience, readily available where it’s needed most.

Benefits of the BIM Container During Construction:

  • Real-time BIM Support: Our BIM manager is readily available to address any questions or challenges.
  • Centralized Data Hub: Access the TSPC Plan Library, a common data environment that keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Enhanced Technical Preparation: Receive support for technical aspects of construction.
  • Model-Based Efficiency: Leverage updated quantity surveying and budgeting based on the BIM model.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Foster seamless cooperation and technical management through the model.
  • Large-Scale Visualization: View plans on a large scale for improved clarity and communication.
  • Supplementary Documentation: Generate any necessary additional design documentation on-site.
  • Digital Twin Creation: Develop a digital replica of the physical building for ongoing management.
  • Organizational Support: Utilize simulation models (4D, 5D) for enhanced planning and scheduling.
  • Digitalization Hub & Tools: Access a central location for various digital tools to streamline processes.
  • Drone Integration: Capture point cloud data for status updates and improved accuracy.
  • Immersive Visualization: Utilize AR/VR technology for mixed-reality model visualization.
  • VaRea VR Space: Experience the building virtually through VaRea, a dedicated VR platform.

By combining our BIM expertise with the innovative BIM Container, TSPC offers a comprehensive solution that maximizes efficiency and collaboration throughout the construction process.

Meet the Minds Behind the BIM Magic: The TSPC BIM Team

Attila Huszár – BIM Team Leader and Project Leader Architect

Attila is a tech-savvy architect with a passion for innovation. He strives for efficiency, seeking ways to automate tasks and free up time for creative design. Public buildings with intricate functionalities are his forte. As a seasoned designer, Attila has a portfolio boasting swimming pools and sports facilities. Sustainability is another key focus – he champions energy-efficient buildings throughout their lifecycle.

András Kauth – BIM Manager

András is a technology trailblazer, constantly exploring and implementing cutting-edge solutions. His mission? Bridging the gap between initial BIM models and the entire building lifecycle. He aims to eliminate errors, data loss, and extra costs during information transfer. Complex public buildings requiring strategic thinking and historical structures demanding creative problem-solving pique his interest. András’ dedication led to the creation of the BIM Container – TSPC’s on-site BIM expertise delivered nationwide for enhanced construction efficiency.

Dániel Marton – On-site BIM Manager

Dániel brings his IT expertise and unwavering commitment to every project. He firmly believes that digital technologies are crucial for informed construction decisions. He thrives on challenges, constantly seeking out complex tasks. His forward-thinking approach streamlines cost and time planning, significantly boosting project efficiency and effectiveness. Dániel’s proactive attitude and overall approach ensure high-quality on-site solutions.