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With a staff of hundred and twenty employees and as one of the largest engineering companies in Hungary, TSPC had to switch to home office work schedule from Friday to Monday in the middle of March – they made it. Mihály Kádár, owner-executive director: the successful transition was not a coincidence, but a consciously planned process that was accelerated by the sudden twist of events caused by the crisis. Before the pandemic, the last trip of the businessman led to Berlin in February to an international conference, where presentations were given about the rise of digital architecture, and now – like many others – he thinks that digital architecture can break into the field, and the plans will slowly move from the paper to the clouds permanently.

Mihály, Kádár, owner & CEO, TSPC

“Our company is one of the market leaders in Hungary in the field of providing  services based on BIM and we also shape our development strategy accordingly – says Péter Farkas, chief operating officer of the company, who is also in charge of international relations. For example during these months we submitted the tender for an Asian ‘knowledge tower’ building, which was first hindered by the pandemic situation at the customer then at home, but thanks to our digital solutions we were able to submit the tender smoothly and in time. We have two built-in guarantees for flexible digital transition: one is the experience gained from designing more than 1,500,000 square meters in the last 8 years, the other is our employees being open to embrace the digital future.”